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Recent Server downtime

Rainbow Dash Ao posted Sun at 21:06
Hey everypony, RD here!

To start off, I would just like to inform you all that we are sorry for all of the sudden server downtime! D: Our host has been acting up lately... but the issue will be fixed as soon as possible!

In other news, I (Rainbow Dash, IGN: LinkRykker) would just like to mention that I will be going on holiday during the course of September, and won't be returning until October. I have some things I need to take care of, and I am also going to be taking a much needed breather, as I haven't been feeling very well lately.. At any rate, I will see you all first thing in October! :D

If you have an active VIP package for our Minecraft server, you're cordially invited to join our Terraria Beta-Testing Server! Cloudsdale Gaming will be opening a new Terraria server and we need your help to test stuff! If you have Terraria and want to join the server, post your Terraria username here:

Hope to see you there!


The Twilight Sparkle poll begins!

Dalek Trixie MSysAdmin posted Aug 11, 14
Good morning, everypony. As we begin a new week, it is time for the Twilight Sparkle nickname poll to begin in earnest! Our two candidates are AwsomeFace2468 (Scootaloo) and 03tulip03 (Cadance). You will have just a week to cast your votes; whoever receives the majority of the votes will become Cloudsdale Gaming's new Twilight Sparkle!

Please click the link below to go and cast your vote!

- Trixie Lulamoon

DJ pon-3 and i vote scootaloo
Twilight Sparkle VIP And so, the battle begins. >w>

Twilight Sparkle is up for grabs!

Dalek Trixie MSysAdmin posted Aug 6, 14
Hello everypony! We currently find ourselves short a Twilight Sparkle and would like to know if any of you are interested in running for the nickname! If you are interested, you must have at least the Alicorn class or VIP status.

Please go to if you are interested in running in the Official Poll! The deadline to register is midnight this Sunday (CST), so don't be late!

- Needing a Great and Powerful Rival,
The Great and Powerful Trixie

ActivationX One should not wish to become a rival with someone like you.

Hunter Sven Arrives!

Tacosbefriends APlanner posted Aug 3, 14
A new NPC has arrived in Spawntown with tons of goodies to trade! Sven is a hunter from a land far far away. An avid sportsman, he has learned to make useful tools, weapons, armor, and more from his wide array of quarry. From silverfish to blazes to ghasts, Sven is always able to craft something useful from a mob's loot. You can find Sven in his new home in Spawntown.
ActivationX I am a big fan of the spider armor he had to trade. I chose to switch to the demon hunter set, as it is just an upgraded ...
ShadeWolfie VIP PLZ! moar stuff like this.
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